Moving Forward {W12:Mar22-28}

Time goes fast. This will be the last official weekly post for EDCI339. Within the past 12 weeks, I have involved in series of lectures around distributed and mobile learning. The projects I have done and the projects that my classmates have done are totally strange objects to me 12 weeks ago; but now I got it. From my perspective, distributed and mobile learning is all about moving forward in education. The Internet has changed everything and everyone has been pushed or pulled into an universal place and connected by a modern wire named Technology. When modern met tradition, we usually think about conflict or disaster. However, when it comes to Education, we are not treating Technology as an enemy in Education, just because Education is such a traditional word and concept; Instead, Education obtains Technology and treats it as a weapon to empower itself. To me, this course let me understand the importance of moving forward with development of technology. It is never too late to improve and it is never to soon to learn new technology. I think I will keep going with this idea and explore the new distributed and mobile learning tech as I already get used to using them everyday.

Here is a very meaningful video for the 21st century education and learning…


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