Games as model for grading?{W11:Mar15-21}

I saw an interesting topic today from George Siemens‘ blog. He had an idea about “why not use a game model as a replacement for grading?” (click the link to see his original post). Basically, he has a thought on a fare model about grading. What would be a perfect grading system in the real world? Since the experience levels are making perfect sense in the game world, then why not adopt it into our real world? Actually, I had thought about this before. Personally, I love playing online games and World of Warcraft would be the top one. When I seek a game to play, beside the pictures, operations and effects from the game need to be high level; the more important thing would be the balance within different career path in the game. In another word, the design for experience levels has to be fare and balance to survive in the world. Each character from each career needs to have some advantages and disadvantages compared to others in some level.

However, it works in the game, not necessary in the real life. Why? Because there are more variables here – human. If we adopted the grading system which is ranking everyone based on their experience and gold levels; Then what if someone with special talent but in a younger age which means he/she has zero experience. Follow the rule, he/she will never be promoted over someone with 20 years of experience and social relationships. On the other hand, someone does have 20 years of experience, he/she would not need to worry about for a while because he/she is unbeatable at that level. This might discourage people to improve. My though is only one side of the story for sure. I actually like this idea as it is more standardized and transparency.


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