Camtasia Studio 6{W9:Mar1-7}

I think everyone is working on the major project lately. I have spent lots of time on this project is not only because of the content of my topic which is to deliver training materials of Microsoft Live Meeting; but also because of learning new software including this Camatasia Studio 6 which I have to say that it is an awesome tool to record video and audio, achieve PowerPoint integration, picture in picture producing, and powerful edit function.  After watched the learner tutorial, I could basically function the software and record what I need; however, I found it is difficult for me to manage the time and record pace while I am recording the video. At the beginning, I had redone several times for the first 4 min video, just to get the right narrative with the right screen prints rolling. I realize that recording video really need experience to edit regardless the potential of the software.

I recommend Camtasia Studio to all of you. On their promotion website, they said this software is “the smartest screen recording tools on the planet”. I have not tried other product yet but so far from my experience, this tool is easy to follow and reduce product’s size with maintaining High Definition quality. I can see that this product trying really hard to put all the edit function into one spot and it makes true. But for a beginner like me, it might take a while to get used to them and master them well. If any of you need a record software for your project, you could try this one with it 30 days free trail just like what I did.


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  1. That sounds very interesting. I may check with you later when I try it.

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