Google Reader {W8:Feb22-28}

There was a research around “what is your email’s domain name?” and about more than 50% of users are using hotmail/live. I cannot say I was surprised. Microsoft really took its first mover advantage and enhanced its position in the email field. I used to be a hotmail user and had tasted the other related products including MSN messager, MySpace, Live, and many more; however, I am barely use them anymore as they are not as environmental clean as they were before.

Recently I start to realize that Google might become a second Microsoft. It all starts with Google Search. More and more web browsers surf depending on Google’s search engine. And now Google complete its full package deal for Google account users including Gmail, Calendar, Document, Reader, Web and more. I knew Google Reader from Valerie’s project brainstorm a month ago. Now I am going there everyday having so much fun.

Google Reader is a web-based feed to keep up with blogs and news. With the goal to make news aggregation for the general public to enjoy, Reader allows users to subscribe to their favorite websites so new content comes to them when it’s posted. This unique feature lets each user designs a magazine just for her/him as Reader keeps track of which things they’ve read so that when they only see unread items when they come back. One of the great things about Google Reader is the way it allows to share a person’s reading with other users. Moreover, it allows news to be organized with labels, as well as being able to create “Starred Items” for users’ easy access. I am sure there are still lots of features to explore and I hope to see more creative idea coming out from Google.


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