Achieving ethical online education {W5:Feb1-7}

Copyright is always a serious topic because it can involve legislation, human rights and responsibilities issues and if we did not deal it properly, there will be a lawsuit waiting.  No wonder at the beginning of each course from UVic, professors always have a section called Integrity & Plagiarism.Thanks Inba Kehoe for delivering such a useful lecture where I learned a lot about copyright. It was a long lecture because there are lots to introduce when it comes to copyright. Especially now we are talking about online education, which makes the copyright much harder to control and monitor, not only for teachers but also to learners. The rule is clear which is once the materials are in a public domain, they are available to everyone; however, it still has a risk about people using sources to present their own thoughts which might be the opposite meaning from the original sources. Misleading can happen anywhere and anytime, then who should the author blame to or is there a person or institution to blame…

I am playing around the Audacity. This is such a cool sound editor and made me say wa! First time using editor actually and there are lots of unfamiliar functions in the program; however, the Questions and Answers of instruction are very helpful guiding newbie to start. It could take much more time than I thought to master this…


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  1. katy

    Great posts! Keep up the good work.

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