Open Thinking {W4:Jan25-31}

No new lecture this week but that does not mean no learning from this week.

First thing is a meaningful session presented at the University of Regina on Monday, January 25th:

No Child Left Thinking: Democracy at Risk in Canadian Schools

Recently, in the Sociology of Education field, Dr. Joel Westheimer was delivered an interesting presentation with some serious thoughs regarding to Canadian education system. You could find his lecture video in Dr. Alec Couros’s blog.

This lecture is one of the session from a series named taking about schoold and soceity looks at democracy in Canadian schools. The whole lecture is mainly around a question:Is democracy at risk in Canadian schools? As an open lecture, the entire public is invited to share thoughts and idea together. As a presenter, Dr. Joel Westheimer created a relax atmosphere with humor, truly engaging audiences into the issues which are all about the future education for next Canadian generations.

2009 Halloween Lesson

Second thing is about a humor video showing a math teacher using technology deliver a  fun class in Halloween. I found this is a creative way to present education. Students might take this as a joke but if you think about it, this is actually an effective way to attract attention. Same as the other technologies we are using to present knowledge, including power-point, video conferencing, smart-board, etc. Lectures were never this colour in the past. Technologies turn education into a more direct, effective, and efficient way to teach knowledge; meantime, students are changed from passive position into an active attitude to obtain knowledge.


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  1. I’ve seen this video, too. It’s very creative and cool.

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