Thinking about online learning development {W2:Jan11-17}

Reading among the ed-tech bloggers’ postings and our EDCI339’s lectures, I just start to think about how fast online learning has developed and how much it has changed compared to 10 years ago.

I found a comment that George Siemens had on Stephen Downes’s paper – The Future of Learning: Ten Years On. Just for curiosity, I glanced at the contents of the paper and realized that we don’t normally see the changes as we are the part of it. If any of you have interests, please go check.

The paper kinda included all the changes we have been through around online learning. 10 years ago, we don’t even have enough computer for each student in a class, try to learn how to use computer to type and read, and worried about bandwidth usage; look at now, it not only reading materials are able to access online, but also the whole lectures are available online. Even if you are living at cities on the other side of the earth, you can still take EDCI339 and view Valerie’s lectures and talk to peers via skype. 10 years ago, video conference was only a concept in science fiction movie;but look at now, not only polucom is wild used, but also multi-access learning becomes unstoppable force. As an university student, using learning management systems, such as moodle and blackboard, is a basic requirement for obtain daily information…

As various software being available in education, I think it is still important to focus on the essence of education, which is the teaching and learning part.  Interaction and communication is simple to say but hard to do. and I guess that is how new technologies are important to implement in online education to smooth the changing process and make people feel like education in the way they have always had. It must be interesting to have the other kind of courses in online learning format, such as math, economics, and science; but I guess this could be in the future. I am looking forward to see our online education in 10 years later. What will it be like…


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  1. Nice blog post – I’m glad to see you’re exploring the edtech bloggers from the edci339 course blogroll. As we all get rolling with our blogs, it will be easier to quote your peer’s comments, and the comments of edtech bloggers, and refer to your instructional materials/videos with me, and synthesize these into your blog posts. You have done a great start.

    Multi-access education is a term I coined back in June/2009. I felt there was no terminology to capture the online/VC/F2F combination that is possible. I just got invited to present in Washington DC at the USA’s Internet2 convention (similar to the Canadian federal CANARIE group I referred to in my video lecture) as they were keen on the concept. Unfortunately, it conflicted with our TIE lab open house – argh! Anyhow, I look forward to diving into these topics more with you!

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